Analysis: Diversity in story about Yemen youth and their idea of the West

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By Kelsey Lund

A story in the San Diego Union-Tribune addresses the positive image of America many of the youth in Yemen have.

The story uses quotes from Yemenis the reporter taught English to, as well as his observations of teenagers when he lived in Yemen for a short period of time to report that most young Yemenis idealize America.

Ibrahim, who asked that only his first name be used for privacy reasons, a Yemeni international student at Augsburg College said this report does not delve into the complexities of how the people of Yemen view the West.

I "had people telling me that I am an American spy or that I converted to Christianity," Ibrahim said of some conservative Yemenis who disapproved of his choice to study in the US. "There are very religious young people and very open young people who watch American movies and try to dress like Americans in spite of the culture opposition."

In all, although this report takes a different approach than labeling Yemenis as hating America, it does not attempt to grapple with the complex issue of how Yemenis view Americans.

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