Analysis: Records/CAR in story about White House visitor logs

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By Kelsey Lund

The White House has been omitting and falsifying information on visitor logs, an investigative report from iwatch news found.

This iwatch news story detailed the holes in White House visitor logs and why those gaps of information were important. The reporters used the White House database of released visitor logs to inform their story.

The reporters had to analyze the database of visitor logs for what areas were left blank, who was recorded as visiting, when visits were missing, what visitors never showed up but were listed as having done so, and how many of the visitors were actually on group tours.

Computer skills were necessary in order for the reporters to sift through this huge amount of data and get results worth reporting. They had to be able to sort the information and analyze it for patterns.

The reporters also needed computer skills to know where to look for this information, and what sort of information was relevant to their angle.

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