April 18, 2006

Random Photo


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April 13, 2006

My First Blog

Hello! My name is Dana, but my nickname among family and friends, and now the whole world, is Dr. Düna. It's a long story, but I have a Ph.D., which adds the "Dr." to my name officially. Don't ask me for medical advice however, as I am not that kind of doctor. Real "doctors" are the ones who really deserve that title and can probably help you feel better, so mine is just one of those quirky features of being in higher education. I spent a long time getting it there in front of my name, so I suppose it doesn't hurt to use it once in awhile. The Düna part of my nickname is an even longer story, and we can have a drink sometime if you want to know the details that relate to my college years and the groovy evolution of Dana into Düna. One thing I can tell you is that I'm part Swedish in my ethnicity, so I put the "¨" character there to emphasize this. I can also sing you the song that the Muppets' Swedish chef used to sing in "mock Swedish." You can only imagine, I'm sure... mmm bork bork bork and greetings from Dr. Düna!