April 7, 2009

Kept in Writing

The Duluth News Tribune has been a long standing newspaper serving the Duluth area for quite some time now. What problems are they now facing? Layoffs and the Internet.

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Online Awesomeness

With the DNT postponing my coming & time running short, I find that this is probably the best thing that could have happened for me!

Even though this blog was supposed to be dedicated to the DNT, I find that it's now much more AWESOME since the DNT cancelled my visit (for good reasons, I might add), I got the chance to talk with Jeremy Iggers, a thriving online executive director for the Twin Cities Daily Planet!!


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Award Winning Author

The coolest thing that came out of my SHORT Duluth News Tribune tour was when I got to sit in on Reporter Janna Goerdt when she interviewed Author Brian Freeman!!!

His most recent book that just came out is called In The Dark, also known as The Watchman in the U.K.!

BF books_dark.gif

To sum up the interview with Brian Freemn in one word - Awesome!

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