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Award Winning Author

The coolest thing that came out of my SHORT Duluth News Tribune tour was when I got to sit in on Reporter Janna Goerdt when she interviewed Author Brian Freeman!!!

His most recent book that just came out is called In The Dark, also known as The Watchman in the U.K.!

BF books_dark.gif

To sum up the interview with Brian Freemn in one word - Awesome!

I love to read and when I was asked if I wanted to sit in on Goerdt's interview, I was jumping at the chance! First of all, I've never seen a REAL reporter conduct an interview. I've done several myself but to see someone who does this for their career is another thing [to me].

It was such a cool, laid back interview. It was as if they were having a fun conversation rather than conducting an interview.

So who is Brian Freeman you ask? Well, it's your lucky day! I'm going to give you the 411 on this psychological suspense writing author!

Here he is with me and Kjestine after the interview:


Brian Freeman was born in California but moved to Minnesota when he attended Carleton College in Northfield. Since he moved to MN and visiting Duluth, Freeman has come to love that little town of ours. The Majority of Freeman's novels are set right here in Duluth!

Freeman loves coming up here with his wife and is always looking for new places to have his book be set. Goerdt asked Freeman about why he chose Duluth and one of the first things out of his mouth was that he loves Sammy's Pizza! Apparently he can't get enough of their sausage pizza.

All of the questions Goerdt asked Freeman were open-ended questions, and the majority of the time Freeman took those questions and ran with them (not literally though). He gave her a ton of information to work off of for her article she was going to write right after their interview.

Other than the book that just came out In the Dark, which is an addition to his suspense novels (they're in a series starring, fictitious character, Johnathan Stride), Freeman came out with a second book that is out of character for him.

All the books, thus far, Freeman has written have been psychological suspense, including In the Dark, but the other new book The Agency that he just came out with is nothing of the sorts. The Agency is a fun, lighthearted, comical book that is first person with a woman telling the story rather than third person about a man.

Looking for the book and can't find it? Well, that might be because it's under a pseudonym name - Ally O'Brien. Freeman collaborated with his publisher, who lives in London where the book is set, to write this novel. Cool huh?

While I may not have been at the DNT very long, I got to sit in on something I wouldn't have dreamed I could. The DNT may be facing a hard time with layoffs and budget cuts, but at least they can put aside the hard times and have a little fun with interviews!

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Want to know more about my sit in on Brain Freeman's interview? Email me, Lauren Lundeen, and I'll give you all the details!