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Kept in Writing

The Duluth News Tribune has been a long standing newspaper serving the Duluth area for quite some time now. What problems are they now facing? Layoffs and the Internet.

As I, along with Kjestine, got the amazing opportunity to visit the DNT on Friday, April 3, & meet with some of it's reports! Check out my slide show to see some of what I got to see!!

Well, my tour at the DNT was to last a few hours but was cut short after only one hour! What happened might you ask? Well at the time, I had no idea either.

Georgia Swing, the City Editor, chatted with me & Kjestine for a little bit then let us go and sit in on an interview the reporting had with Author Brian Freeman. Awesome right? Just before the interview Swing informed us that we would be able to meet with the multimedia (online) editor and sit on their 5 p.m. meeting...that never happened.

After the interview and turning to look at Swing, her eyes were glazed & she looked like she was on the verge of tears. We had no idea what happened while we were in that interview. Swing told us that "something happened" and that we needed to reschedule. Of course, Kjestine and I were okay with that. We were scheduled to come again on Monday, April 6.

In her desperate attempt to get a hold of me, Swing email me just an hour before I was supposed to head to the DNT...we needed to reschedule...again.

Swing informed me that with the budget cuts, the DNT was laying off employees. She said, "We had layoffs on Friday (while you were here, unfortunately), and today we really need to meet as a staff to
deal with it. Actually, that would be a great way to experience what's happening in the newspaper industry, but I don't think that would work so well for our staff."

In addition to that if you check out the movie again, you can see that there is an area of their upstairs at their office that has been cleared out. They downsized & moved their sports reporters & editors - notice the photos in my video!!

So, while Swing was trying her hardest to have us come and see their office, layoffs wouldn't have it. With journalism and writing becoming more prevalent online this day in age, the DNT is forced to layoff many of their employees.

While the printed, newspaper world is facing a hard time with budgets and such, the online publication world is thriving.

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