April 2, 2009

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Want to see some gorgeous pictures of random places and things?

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Random Beautiful PIctures

These pictures were taken in Canada, Arizona and around Minnesota!

Not going to lie, they're pretty amazing!

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March 31, 2009

Map of some of the "World's Largests"

Here's my Google Map that has some of the World's Largest Roadside Attractions!! Cool huh?

Well you NEED to check them out!

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March 26, 2009

A person of many personalities

Some people have the talent to do ventriloquism and some don't.
This person is the epitome of ventriloquism.

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A look at a Photojournalist

Ever wonder what a photojournalist's job entails? This photojournalist gives you that very insight, as well as a look into his everyday life!

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About LJ...

Yes, I'm LJ and to give you one random fact about me...

I love, yes...fishing

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