I majored in Journalism and Accounting. I started my college career in Accounting, but once I took my first journalism class I fell in love with it. I have a unique combination of a love of numbers and writing that sets me apart from others.

I enjoy both majors, but my love is in journalism. I really like writing and reporting. I enjoy going out and talking to people to find where the real story is, but I also enjoy editing. Whenever I read anything, I always read with an editing eye.

Relevant programs and software I have become efficient with include:

    • Picasa
    • Adobe InDesign, Dreamweaver, Photoshop
    • Audacity
    • Blogs/Web pages
    • FinalCut

    Relevant courses I have taken include:

      • Jour 2001: Reporting & Writing I
      • Jour 2300: News Photography
      • Jour 3001: Reporting & Writing II
      • Jour 3101: News Editing
      • Jour 3401: Digital Storytelling
      • Jour 3700: Media Law & Ethics
      • Jour 4102: Editing II: Newsroom Practicum
      • Jour 4197: Journalism Internship
      • Comp 3121: Advanced Writing: Business, Organization
      • Ling 2506: Language & Writing
      • Writ 2506: Introduction to Writing Studies
      • Writ 4250: New Media Writing

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