Like my writings, I have done various multimedia projects working with still life, videotaping and interviewing. All of my editing has been done in Final Cut.

Below are the videos and a still life project I created for my journalism classes.

1) Feature story of a student who participated in No-Shave-November that I created by going to his house every day for five days while he shaved off his beard in sections:

2) Edited film from 1963 that was originally 38 minutes, now condensed to two minutes. ">
1) Still Life project I created of a Phone Booth feature various angles and distances:

3) Salsa dancing event at UMD:

4) Slide show presentation I created of a prominent photojournalist, James Nachtwey.

5) A slide show of the Islamic Center of the Twin Ports, and one of the members reading and interpreting some Arabic.

6) Interview and video of a fellow student, Joli, and what she enjoys doing, which is walking:

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