Similar to my multimedia, I have taken various photos to showcase my creative eye. I am able to take close dramatic shots, medium shots that tell a story, and long shots that set the seen.

1) Sports Feature
(L-R) Roy Sundbom, Charlie Rolling and Doug Freeman sweep in front of a rock to make it go faster and straighter toward the house or target. As participants of the Duluth All-American Club Curling Bonspiel on March 21, they had a good time even though they placed last. The All-American Club hosts the yearly tournament at the Duluth Curling Club to bring members and others interested in joining together and to have fun.

2) Features Photograph
While scaling a rock wall, Logan, 6, looks to his father, Tim Serre, for encouragement on Feb. 18 at Vertical Endeavors inside Carnival Thrillz in Duluth.

3) Winter Outdoors Event
With over $50,000 in prizes for the top 100 fish, UMD alumnus Milo Horak of Stillwater, Minn. hoped to catch one of the top fish at the Big Jig Ice Fishing contest at Pike Lake on Feb. 14. The Big Jig is a fundraiser held by UMD Athletics in order to raise money for UMD athletic scholarships.

4) Self Portrait

Lauren Lundeen enjoys the big catch of the day while bearing the cold weather of Feb. 24 on Island Lake.

5) Portraits/Personality
A lone teddy bear on the alley between Ninth and 10th Street in Duluth creates the perfect photograph for UMD student Brittany Sanford who was working on a series of eerie situation photos on March 11. Never without a camera in her hand, she is trying to pursue a career in crime scene photography.

6) Spot News
After an automobile accident in the Kenwood Shopping Center, a woman was taken to the hospital in an ambulance on April 15. While still in her car, firefighters and paramedics put a neck brace on her and then carefully laid her on a stretcher. The accident report and names have not yet been released.

To see more of the events I have been to and the various photos I have taken go to my My Photo Portfolio I created specifically for just that.

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