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Of all the topics that we have gone over in Psychology I am very interested in the Nature vs Nurture debate. I was born in an Asian family because of Vietnamese. The Vietnamese culture is very different with America's culture. Because of the extreme differences between the two culture and how I am now I am more on the Nurture side of the debate. The debate is about whether our genes are the cause of how we grow up and how we do things or what is around us that influences us. I find this debate important because it supports whether the things we do in this world is done by the influence of others or the influence of our genes. Apparently this debate is dead because now we agree that we are influenced by both our genes and our culture/ family/ society.

I've lived in America for most of my life (Besides one year in Canada) and my life has pretty much been Americanized. My family still sticks with their culture and follow the value of the Vietnamese people and that is from the nurture of their culture. I believe my entire life and how I am is from all the people that have been in it. The American public schools and the friends that have been in my life. I am who I am from the nurture of all these people. Sadly, from all the nurturing I've gained from today's society I feel like I've lost the Asian culture in me. I hope that in the future I will be cultured/nurtured to the culture that my family has come from. This debate is something that I'm interested in and maybe my genes are truly the reason to why I am now!


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