Nature and Nuture

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In my opinion, Psychology is an abstract subject. As psychologist, they do a lot on the mind and behavior for human beings. The most interesting thing for me is that they can figure out what you you are thinking about through your behavior. Is it interesting? They can guess what you are thinking about, what you will do next almost correct. That is why I inspect them so much.
In this class, I want to learn more about the human behavior. Like nature and nurture. Which has a bigger influence on human behivor? That really makes me excited. The link I showed is talking about the homosexuality. The twins one is homo and the other is not, and they have same DNA. The psychologist said it is not complete genic problem but environmental problem. ( From the beginning of the video, we can see the rooms the twins have. One is like general boy, and the other makes himself like a girl. This maybe influence them a lot.
And the last class- the visual system. Which is also interested, what you see maybe not true. And the apple pie Penny gave us is another example. It surprised me a lot. This pie is not made by apple!!!
Generally speaking, I lkie psychology a lot. It is really funny and I have a lot of interest to learn.

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