I started -- & finished it -- my last full day in Bodenburg.*****

"Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living." - M.Beard


nga & I left for the bus station at quarter to 7. The trains run every hour from Bodenburg - at 4min after. So we hopped the 7:04 train with all of the students just starting up school again after Summer break.

We had breakfast and coffee at our stop at the Hannover main train station - while swapping trains. Then said goodbyes at the airport.

Inga is adorable. She is always on the go - and always motherly. A bit of home.
My dad picked me up at 4pm. Crazy - that I can wake up in Germany, and then sleep that same night in my own bed.

When I got home - my whole family came to my parents for dinner. My sisters / their adorable babies / my mom tied German flag-colored balloons to the front door. It was cheesey - but appreciated. As much as I loved Germany - its always nice to come home and see how it has changed you.

Fresh new appreciations all around.***** What a great, great experience. PRost!!

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*****Boat-Hopping/Sight-Seeing all around Venice.
Just to become familiar with the city - Hans, Ria & I hopped from boat to boat today.


**********LA. BIENALLE. Day #1.
Today I roamed the Gardinia section of the Bienalle. Art from so many countries. So many differing perspectives. It was amazing.**

**********LA. BIENALLE. Day #2.
More Bienalle - but today I walked through the Arsenale section. It housed Italy, China, and a few other countries' exhibitions.

I checked out Santa Maria's church Friday, then hit up Peggy Gugenheim Museum, before catching a bus to the airport. I found a $79, one hour flight, back to Hannover.
Saturday morning I ran w/ Barbara & then ate breakfast with her family. I packed in the afternoon - and then ate dinner w/ Inga & her husband.
Sunday - I ran with Barbara again - & had coffe & breakfast with her family - again!  Then Inga hosted a going away dinner that evening for me. These people are too wonderful.**

Anna & I woke up early, packed up, and got onto the 8am train to Hannover. She flew out early the next day - so we decided it was best to get her there, stay in a hotel, and then she is ready for the next morning's flight.
So I dropped her off and got her all situated, then I headed back to Bodenburg - to work the Saturday evening hours at the Kunstverein.

****** En ROute to VENICE.******
Ria & Hans invited me to travel with them - my last week here - to Venice. We left early on Sunday morning. Stopped once near Munich to eat our packed lunch - out on a bench on the edge of a forest. It was gorgeous. Then we continued on through the northern tip of Austria and into Italy. We stayed in Ala, Italy at a teeny hotel that night - and then left after breakfast Monday morning.
As for the journey. UNBELIEVABLE. The mountains - are amazing. I haven't read or slept at all during the first 12 hours of driving. Its far too beautiful --- I have to look out the window - at all times!!

Anna's 25th Bday.

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DSCN0440.JPGAnna turned 25 on Friday. We started off the day - with a breakfast with Hans & Ria. Ria made a dense, delicious Apple cake with homemade whip cream. We toasted with champagne, even though it was 8:30am.. Ria gave Anna a beautiful dish and natural soaps, and Hans gave her one of the books from the Hortus Medicus Austellung at the Kunstverein. Anna is a nurse, and that exhibition dealt with all of the plants growing in the Bad Salzdetfurth area - that have benefits to our health.
Later, we did a little shopping and wandering in Bad Salzdetfurth. We checked out the Solebad Platz, had Ice Cream in the city center, and took the train home.
That evening Jens & Iris, [Hans' son and his wife,] invited us over for a BBQ and bonfire afterwards. It was great. Henry & Luis loved having a new visitor - and we laughed and ate and drank wine for a few hours with them.

Musik. Thursday. Abend.

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DSCN0422.JPG We went with Barbara & Nina to Roberto's for drinks and music Thursday evening. It happened to be 'Open Mic' night. :) DSCN0425.JPGDSCN0430.JPG

Route. 8. --- [All of Donnerstag.]

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I wanted to show Anna how amazing the hiking trails are here. But I was a little gung-ho... It took us 2 hours to HIKE to the START of the ROUTE 8 TRAIL. Oops. She was a good trooper --- & didnt complain on the 9am to 6pm hike. hA. By the end --- we were giddy-tired and everything was funny. :) But then we celebrated w/Eis & drinks. DSCN7420.jpgDSCN7397.jpgDSCN7407.jpgDSCN0394.JPGDSCN0396.JPGDSCN0382.JPGDSCN7439.jpgDSCN0412.JPGDSCN7342.jpgDSCN7343.jpg

Mittwoch -- Hildesheim Markt.

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DSCN7278.jpgDSCN7272.jpgDSCN7274.jpgDSCN7289.jpgDSCN7306.jpgDSCN7280.jpgDSCN7290.jpgDSCN7319.jpgDSCN7322.jpg ________________ Wednesday: Anna & I went w/Barbara to the Hildesheim Markt Platz. We bought tomatoes from a cute old man, kohlorabies cuz they are our moms' favorite, passion fruit from a guy that kept giving us samples, saw the noon-hour Glockenspiel, stopped by a used book store, a small gallery, and ate olives that Anna claims are 'the best things she has ever eaten. Ever." :) When we got back to Bodenburg -- we 'fruhstucked' [breakfasted] with Barbara. Then I headed off to work at the KV, while Anna mingled & met me there later. Fun morning. Fun day. DSCN0368.JPGDSCN0369.JPG

DSCN7262.jpgDSCN7265.jpgDSCN7266.jpgDSCN7268.jpg On Wednesday morning Anna & I went for a run w/Barbara -- and she showed us the local Bad Salzdetfurth newspaper. Hans & I were on the cover -- & he was in three other articles as well.

When we got back -- [with fresh-picked plums in hand] -- there was a note from Hans and a copy of the paper under a rock by my door. :)

We met Luisa in Goettingen.**********

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DSCN7220.jpgDSCN7228.jpgDSCN7221.jpgDSCN7223.jpgDSCN7245.jpgDSCN7254.jpg ***Tuesday*** In my home town -- we have an exchange program with a small town in Germany -- called Lahr. You go there a month / live with a family -- then they come to MN & stay with you. Luisa was Anna's partner. In 2007, when I travelled in Europe a bit -- I met up & stayed w/Luisa & her family. But Anna had not seen them in six years!

So we took the train to Goettingen -- and met up w/Luisa, her mom [Susanne], & her boyfriend [Tobi]. Hans suggested we meet by the Gande Lisa. Its a fountain in the center of the town. I guess its a tradition for guys who study there -- to climb the fountain and give her a kiss -- when they graduate from Universitat. :)

Anyways -- It was great. Luisa now lives in Heidelberg & studies Exercise Science - with a focus on the health benefits of exercise for cancer patients.** Tobi studies English - which helped lots. & Susanne brought our family treats and thoughtful gifts. It was a really fun day.

DSCN7198.jpgDSCN7200.jpg Hans & I picked Anna up from the Hanover Airport at 2pm on Monday. :) After a brief tour of Bodenburg -- she napped -- then we had a wonderful dinner/drinks with Hans & Ria. MOm had sent a package the week before w/a letter, treats, & pictures from home of our garden, house, the babies...etc. --- So we went through photos, talked in English/German, and it was a really surreal, fun night. [Anna is here!]

DSCN7136.jpg >>>>>>Here's my next painting. Its actually the view that 'der Soltmann' has - over the Lamme River in Bad Salzdetfurth. And below is a photo of Hans' newest book. Its a history of the river and the towns it flows through.DSCN6758.jpgDSCN7172.jpg

Yesterday - the KV hosted a SPD event.

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Elections are in September here -- so towns are preparing. Many came and helped out. I was in charge of the coffee / tortes / & art-seeking visitors. Hans gave a tour of the Castle Park nearby - and there was food, games, & a presentation.DSCN7144.jpgDSCN7154.jpgDSCN7162.jpgDSCN7152.jpg

We made the Hildesheimer Newspaper. :)

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DSCN7130.jpgDSCN7122.jpgDSCN7121.jpgDSCN7025.jpgDSCN6872.jpgDSCN6871.jpg **************Barbara is my running / yoga / organic friend that lives next door. I've written lots about her - cuz she's wonderful.

On Friday evening -- after the Soltmann festival -- I went to B's house and we drank organic red wine, listened to Paul Simon & Amy Winehouse music, all while making homemade face cream. We used Ringelblumen [Marigolds] from B's garden, shea butter, oil, rose & other scents -- heated, strained, & mixed the ingredients. Then made matching labels. ;) Barbara & Nina are truly a great mother / daughter pair -- immer viel spass und wirklich wunderbar.*** Vielen Dank, Barbara -- fur alle!!

P.s. We ran 17km together this morning. It rained on our way home - but was all-around good nonetheless.**

I've been painting....

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DSCN7133.jpg............... & here is my first completion. It's a street-view in Bodenburg --- the village where I am living.

I used black stripes & then a red earth-tone as my imprematura. [Susanne Ritter taught me the stripes technique. It adds a greater depth to the piece.**] Then -- just tried to keep things simple & put the focus on the German house in the foreground.

>>Der Soltmann ist [officially] 25.<<

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DSCN7096.jpgDSCN7099.jpgDSCN7093.jpgDSCN7086.jpgDSCN7078.jpgDSCN7089.jpgDSCN7110.jpg _______________________ Lastnight was the Saltman's Celebration. The Mayor & Hans spoke, a marching band & men's choir sang, then they unveiled the sign that will now stand in the town center -- which Hans made. It has the history of the area & sculpture. I scanned all of the pictures for the sign -- edited some images -- & my english translation is one of the paragraphs.***

Friday Morning & Mittag. [12th**]

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DSCN7046.jpgI helped out at a meeting Hans had yesterday. All were Burgermeisters [mayors] from the surrounding area - and a representative from Hannover & Berlin. I made the coffee and set-up for the mtg. Ria made all of the food - and packed me a basket as well. :)

Afterwards - I painted. Lewy & Henry knocked on the window about 2pm - & painted for 2 hours as well. We then ate a little mid-afternoon snack & biked/walked [happily] home. DSCN7042.jpgDSCN7047.jpg


DSCN6958.jpgI went with Hans to Alfeld. There, we met with the Director of the Sparkasse Banks, gallery directors, three newpaper reporters, and the Program Chair for the Musiktage Festivities. The KV will be a host for one of the concerts.

Musiktage is a month-long concert series in Lower Saxony. Every day, from Spetember 3rd bis October 2nd -- there are concerts, sometimes multiple concerts each day, throughout this area. It sounds amazing. All sorts of music -- in the most beautiful buildings and parks in this area. Here is a photo of those incharge. We met at a local shoe factory in Alfeld, hance the shoe molds.

Also, here is a link to the festival: http://www.musiktage.de/nmt/konzerte/in_der_naehe/index.html

After a few hours of painting, I went with Barbara & her daughter, Nina, to see - a glass gallery - a castle - & Barbara's work place. It was great. Then laundry... DSCN6973.jpgDSCN6980.jpgDSCN6987.jpgDSCN6963.jpg

Naechste -- At 6pm I helped set up the tent at the KV, for Sundays' gathering. And learned how to tie two new knots...


Schliesslich---- The evening ended with live music, good food, and the company of Barbara & Nina at Roberto's Cafe. A great, great day.***DSCN7028.jpg

Drei. Mehr. Fotos.

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******************** Today -- when I left the studio [& still later when I left the KV] - Hans was outside pounding away on a stone. I asked him what it was for. He responded that it is a gift, for a family restaurant in Venice, Italy. [Did I mention, yet, that we are going to Venice my last week here?!** For the Biennalle?!*** Another post altogether...] Anyways, its a local-type restaurant which doesn't have a good sign - so he promised one on his next visit. CooL.

And this last photo is from my evening walk with Barbara. A shot of Bad Salzdetfurth - from a good, uphill trek.

P.S. Tomorrow-live music. Friday-town festival. Saturday-open studio tour. Sunday-KV work. Monday-ANnA!! Sooo fun.**

DSCN6897.jpgDSCN6902.jpgDSCN6898.jpgDSCN6901.jpg Usually 2 or 3 times a week, Mr. Meier comes to visit while I'm painting. A few weeks ago -- he was biking by & stopped out of curiosity. Now -- he comes to see my progress. Today, he brought me a gift. He was an engineer, so its a very detailed drawing of his family coat-of-arms. He wrapped it up so nicely & labelled it & everything -- Id hate to undo all of that. But it is thoughtful, generous, & I love it.

Also -- last week I mentioned that my sister was a history teacher. So today -- he came with history books, magazines, clippings -- and hand-made charts. I got an hour and a half lesson about the history of German Royalty. Complete with visual guides, charts, sketches, & all. :)

Samstag -- Garten und Parks Tour.

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11.08.06 parks+Gärten 017.jpg11.08.06 parks+Gärten 009.jpg11.08.06 parks+Gärten 002.jpg11.08.06 parks+Gärten 026.jpg ***************** There were three locations on the Garden & Parks Tour. The top one -- is an old, vacant castle. I guess it is up for sale - so Hans joked that it could be my new studio.** The left picture - is an old church with a giant garten in back.

At one point, we sat in an old church - to hear the history. An older man asked if the seat next to me was free. Then he said something pretty fast, so I asked him to say it again a little slower. He asked where I came from. I said MN. He goes, "Ahhh Hwy 14 down by Winona." 50 years ago -- Curt was in Minnesota for nine months, studying farming in Winona & St. Paul. :)

>> DER SOLTMANN << 25 Year Celebration.

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tyut.jpgHans & his son, Jens, are public sculptors. They do large-scale, stone fountains and works -- that involve the entire surrounding community. Together, with the people of the town & a part of the town's history -- they make art. CooL.

So next Fritag abend -- in Bad Salzdetfurth --- The town will celebrate "Der Soltmann" and his 25th Birthday. Bad Salzdetfurth was built around its salt deposits underground. And today -- it has many spas and saltwater baths. So yes. We have started putting together scans & texts for an exhibit in the town hall, and a sign that will be posted at the site. So thats what my days have consisted of this week. (& the Hildesheim Markt this morning, of course.***)

Below -- is information from the town website. A little history & whatnot... :)

BAD SALZDETFURTH: 25 YEAR 'SOLTMANN' - Sculpture Celebrates Bday

The sculpture was built from sandstone and steel in a six-week campaign in 1986. It represents a mine squire who breaks down salt in his machine underground .

klj.jpgThe Soltmann is a joint effort of the sculptor Hans-Werner Kalkmann, Almstadt Otto and Klaus Müller-pitcher and was developed as part of a contact-art campaign in 1986. The sculpture was done locally and contains many elements of mining and urban history. Thus, the legs end in stylized waves, a reference to the brine, which was the basis of the place. Even the salt on his left hook in the best traditions of Salzpfänner. The metal parts were made by apprentices in the Kali + Salz AG.

Initially, the very controversial sculpture is now firmly anchored in the cityscape. After the former mine director Horst Hotze (who died in April 2011) the object has received the popular name "Hotze" or "Hotze2".

Ceremony -- History of sculpture -- Appreciation of the mine director Horst Hotze -- Musical program with the marching band of the mountain man club "Good luck" -- Skiffle Board

My. Commute.

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DSCN6536.jpgI dropped my painting stuff off at Hans' studio -- then walked back home to leave him a note. I was about halfway through my cup of coffee --- so I brought the mug along. [Here's a picture of the trail -- that connects my 'home' with 'work.']

A woman was walking her two dogs. She said something about coffee -- but I was totally day dreaming -- & didnt catch the first part. So I said something like, 'Yeah -- I only have a little ways to go -- so I brought it along..'

Her German reply: 'No, what I said was -- I think its beautiful you are walking w/coffee in hand.' I thanked her -- then smiled the rest of the way. ************************

PS. Tuesday night Yoga was wonderful as ever. Oh, & here was today's horoscope. Seems too beautifully-fitting to leave out of this post: LIBRA. Maybe you don't know what to expect, but that hasn't stopped you before. Go forward. You are a beloved child of the universe and will be cared for as such.

Wochenende. Recap.

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ee.jpgFRITAG: I spent most of Friday painting. :) I'm painting some scenes & buildings from around town --- I'll post them soon. Left is Han's studio. I paint here, daily. He has work space, a gallery, office, and apartment all here. His son is an architect, so they designed it together. It is marvelous.

Later, I met Hans & Ria, so together we went to a gallery opening in a town nearby, then out to eat in Alfeld. Alfeld is where Hans had studied, so we looked around a bit. As for the art -- it was 'frei art' --- Very loose, free, no forms, really -- very abstract.
Here's a link to the artists' site: http://www.kuehnkunst.de/

SAMSTAG: Barbara & I went for a morning run in the rain, then stopped to pick apples at the end. I ended up reading / Rosetta-Stone-ing until 3pm, when I worked at the Kunstverein. At the KV, I found a flower, baked goods, and an invite to join Inge's family for dinner. Inge is the sweetest little lady. She volunteers at the KV and is a big arts supporter. [Side-note: She is originally from Denmark - but came to Germany when she married her childhood pen-pal. Adorable.**] We went to a Greek restaurant and her family was great.

SONNTAG: Run, again with Barbara in the hills of Bad Salzdetfurth - we picked blackberries and plums afterward. :) I worked for 7 hours in the KV. Ria made a basket of veggies/bread - & I paged through art books - & spoke German all day. I was even complimented on it.** After, I had a great meal and red wine with Hans & Ria.

The people here are wonderful. Truly.

Live. Music. -- Three Crows Style. :)

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On THursday evening I walked to Roberto's Cafe in Bad Salzdetfurth.
Every Donnerstag -- at 8pm -- they have live music. :) :) I sipped coffee, brought my sketch book, and smiled cuz it reminded me of home & the Three Crows.*******

(once there -- click on the link to the left of the photo to hear some music.)

7.jpg5a.jpgThe History: Wall remnants. WWII memorial. Checkpoint Charlie. Brandenburg Tom. Berliner Dom. Tiergarten.

The Art: Masters at the Gemaldegalerie. Street art at the Tacheles. Sculptures at the Altes Musem. Architecture like none-other.1a.jpg4a.jpg6a.jpg3a.jpg

Berlin ist mehr ein Weltteil als eine Stadt. {Berlin is rather a part of the world than a city.} -J.Paul

Berlin in the morning... :)

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In case you are curious about the Hauptstadt von Deutschland: http://www.berlin.de/international/attractions/index.en.php

Almost forgot!

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VIEL GLUCK -- tomorrow --- to Addie & Layla running in the Rails to Trails race!!

And MEHR GLUCK to Aaron, Jen, Katie, Adam, Rachel, & John -- running in the warrior dash tomorrow evening. I signed my family up -- and then headed to Germany.. Ha. Its a 3+ mile, glorified obstacle course.. Go, Adam, go.***** [http://warriordash.com/register2011_minnesota.php#]

UND AUCH -- GLUCK to my Core Fit people -- running the Dash as well.

Fun stuff. Cheers all. Let me know how it goes -- and send photos!! :)EMily

Painting. Supplies. Here. [!!!]

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1.jpg 5.jpg

Hans ordered paints, brushes, canvases, the works -- & they arrived yesterday.****** I spent most of Thursday and all of today [die ganze tag] painting in Hans' studio. Its a wonderful, ideal place to create -- huge windows and skylights and peaceful and great. I took pictures around Bodenburg -- & have used some techniques Susanne & I discussed. :)

Besides a few watercolors in Africa -- I really haven't painted since early MAy!! Far too long... So yes -- the past two days have been marvelous.**

This morning -- first Luis came with me. I got him all set up & we painted. Pretty soon a friend of theirs, Wincent - was peeping through the door. So I got him a brush, paper, paints. About an hour before lunch, Henry came too. We didn't leave the studio until after 4pm tonight. :) So fun.

Montag, Dienstag, Mittwoch -- recap.

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IMG_4780.jpg <-- [a photo from our Sunday morning run. Danke fur es Barbara!]

Monday -- Translated a few paragraphs of text, for a sign that will be going up in Bad Salzdetfurth. Used a dictionary, goolge-translate, and loved it.

Tuesday -- Did a write-up about my stay here thus far, what I will be doing here the next 5 weeks, and a brief bio. We sent it all off to the Hildeshim newspaper - to go along with my interview. :)

That evening - I met Barbara & we hit up Yoga. The first 20 minutes we 'neutralized our bodies' - [soaked our feet in warm, salt water w/flower petals floating all around. CooL!?!] THen yoga -- german style.***

Wednesday -- Hung out w/Luis - [Hans' 5yr-old grandkid.] Jumped on the tramp, did laundary, went for a walk, then got some icecream. Later, I worked at the KV, did a few sketches while working, & finished the evening with wine/food/good conversation at Hans & Ria's home. :)

Hans.Oiseau. Kalkmann.

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DSCN6404.jpg DSCN6402.jpgDSCN6595.jpg
Where do I even begin... These are all works by Hans Kalkmann, with whom I have my current internship. He is wonderful. Multi-talented. And incredibly hardworking. He rennovated and runs the Kunstverein, is a sculptor, & has written numerous art-related books. Recently, he wrote a book on the history of a river in this region, initiated an art bike trail, water trail, and will be included in a 'Art in Public' book this summer - as one of 150 artists chosen. I love it. I get to see so many different ideas/concepts/ways of being an artist. It fits me -- & the kind of artist I want to be -- perfectly.

Here is a link to Kontakt-Kunst. So far, Hans & his son, Jens, have made close to fifty public sculptures all around Germany. Most are water-related -- and beautiful. http://www.kalkmann-kontakt-kunst.de/


Hildesheim Marktplatz.

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DSCN6715.jpg Barbara [my new running buddy] invited me to go w/her and Christian to the markets in Hildesheim on Saturday morning. I sampled brot, kase, obst -- & bought an amazing kohlrabi. We checked out a museum, quaint homes built long ago, and had a "bio" [organic] feast when we got back.

Yesterday, I worked at the KV in the afternoon. We had 35 guests visit the exhibition -- so I spoke [attempted to speak] quite a bit of German yesterday. :) The evening concluded with a wonderful meal at the Kalkmanns and a super-close World Cup match. Ein schoene wochenende. Indeed.

Friday's walk w/Ria.

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Ria & I went out for a walk in the hills/forest on Friday afternoon. It was kinda rainy - which made the snails & slugs come out. My niece had emailed, asking if I saw any animals!? So here's a plump, orange slug we saw - & a cow w/upside-down horns! :)EM DSCN6687.jpg DSCN6697.jpg

Tomaten mit Basilikum & Kase.

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DSCN6686.jpg Ria just brought me this bowl of goodness.** She grows the basilkum [basil] & other herbs in their backyard & is a pretty amazing cook. Fun reminder of summer at home --- and a really thoughtful evening surprise. :)

Sculpture at the Saurier [Dinosaur] Park.

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DSCN6606.jpgDSCN6645.jpgDSCN6649.jpgDSCN6671.jpg Yesterday we left at 5am & drove to a park near the border of Germany/Poland. The park is equivalent to our science museums - dinosaurs, universe..etc. Hans & his son, Jens, made a granite, volcanic sculpture there this past spring. They checked on water-pressure issues & had a meeting w/the park personnel. I helped replace the water tubes, then watched the kids go crazy on this fountain.** We got back at 2am, so it was a long day - but the sculpture was amazing & the kids definitely amusing.


DSCN6540.jpgDSCN6541.jpgI worked my first shift alone at the Kunstverein this afternoon. It went well. We had something like 30 people come in to see the show. They would walk in speaking german (uber fast) -- so I'd politely tell them (in german) that I was new to the KV & am still learning to speak... yikes.**

Anyways, between those comical conversations, I looked through the latest edition of the "Zeitkunst" [Art Times]. When I got to the middle -- there was a full page spread of my Professor from the University of Minnesota. (!!) Chris Larson. (!!!)

I took two courses from Chris this past semester -- & they were definitely my favorites. We critiqued work, visited local art centers, and became familiar w/the local art scene. In fact, we went to his studio on our last day of class -- so I saw these pieces in-the-making.

I knew he was exhibiting in Europe this Summer -- but I totally wasn't expecting to read about him on my first day at the KV. Super cool - & slightly bizarre. :)

Here is a link to the ZeitKunst article: http://www.zeitkunst.info/startseite.html

And here is the link to his exhibition at The View Contemporary Art Space: http://www.the-view-ch.com/s/en/?site=Exhibitions&sub=Current-Exhibition

July 9th Opening.

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Yesterday we set up the tables, wine, food, pamphlets -- then we had time for a walk and some hazelnut ice cream.

The opening started at 5pm & all went well. It was a beautiful Summer evening & we had a nice turn out. Hans introduced Susanne and her work -- & it was just really fun to be a part of the event.

Afterwards we ate tomato/basil appetizers [favorite] & a wonderful fish dinner -- then watched as Germany played Japan in the quarter finals of the World Cup. Germany lost 1-0, but it was a pretty exciting game, actually.

Great Opening.
Ein schoener tag.

:) WorD.

Day before the opening.

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We met this morning to do a bit of cleaning, lighting, touch-ups, & Susanne had an interview w/the Hildesheim Newspaper.

After Susanne, the reporter asked about my internship. [A news story in the weeks to come...] The rest of the day: We had an outdoor lunch where we toasted the show. Next, an incredible hike through the forest, & later - a visit from Susanne to my apartment. Susanne brought tea, fruit, & crackers. She stayed over 2 hours, critiquing my work, talking techniques ---- it was glorious.**

Yesterday morning Hans and I drove to Jugenheim -- picked up 34 paintings & Susanne Ritter, the exhibiting artist. We drank coffee on her patio, talked about 'what makes art - art' and spoke German. Great way to start any day.***

After some stir fry, wine, & strawberries, [much thanks to Ria!] -- we met at the KV to unpack/unwrap the show. We ended up hanging the artwork on the bottom level lastnight until about 11pm, and Susanne & I hung rest today.

All day today -- Susanne & I measured in meters/centimeters & calculated in German. For those of you that dont know Deutsch, the ones digit comes first in all numbers. Example: 25 would be "5 and 20." This definitely made communicating simple addition/subtraction slightly amusing. "Vier und sechzig" seems a lot like 46 [its not - its 64]. But after hanging about 20 paintings... hA. It was fun.

I have to add that working side by side w/Susanne Ritter was pretty amazing. We talked undertones, color mixing, shadow variations...etc. That experience needs to be another post altogether. Its already midnight & tomorrow is the eve of the opening. (!!!) Guten nacht -- Ich muss schlafen.


"Neue Bildnisse" -- New Portraits

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Tomorrow morning Hans and I will go pick up the works of Susanne Ritter. She is a portrait painter from Jugenheim, Deutschland. (Just south of Frankfurt.)

Here is a link to view her work: http://www.ritterbildnisse.com/bildnisse1.php

Preparing for the Exhibition

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On Sunday evening Hans and I met up at the Kunstverein - to start preparations for the upcoming Susanne Ritter Exhibition. The KV had hosted a party the evening before (which was great**), but much work was needed. Hans hung track lighting, I helped install the walls with other volunteers, and by 7pm the place was totally transformed.


Hannover to Bodenburg

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Hans Kalkman, artist & director of the Kunstverein (KV) where I will be interning, picked me up from the airport in Hannover. It was great -- he was there waiting when I walked out of the baggage area. I had a wonderful dinner with Hans & his wife, Ria -- then recieved a quick tour of the Bodenburg, our village within Bad Salzdetfurth.That first evening was very low key: a few introductions, got settled in my apartment, & slept (well).

My apartment is on the bottom-level of an old schoolhouse - which now houses his son's architecture firm. It's a beautiful building - & area. I'm excited to settle in and explore.

En route..

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Welp, I left at 7:30pm on Thursday evening. My cousin, Cara, brought me to the airport -- which seemed fitting since we traveled through numerous airports together just last week. Thanks yo!!

I sat next to 'Chad from Kansas' on the plane. He offered me Hot Tamales, quoted Anchorman multiple times, is an avid swimmer (future Olympian**), and sings in a band. :) He was fun -- & it was his first time overseas -- so his excitement was ridiculously contagious. Hi Chad.

Last Week- Tanzania. Tomorrow- Germany.

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After a month in Africa -- helping in gardens, at an orphanage, peeling potatoes in the kitchen, admiring homemade fabrics/baskets, & just traveling the beautiful country of Tanzania --- I am now ready for part II of my summer.

I leave tomorrow for Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany. I will be interning at a German Kunstverein, member-owned Art Gallery that will host an oil painter this summer. I am so excited I can hardly handle myself -- for the people, food, language, hiking trails... & the ARTWORK. Here is the sight for my Kunstverein:


I will be updating this blog often, since it's part of the program as well. So -- enjoy!?!
Now, off to UNPACK Africa -- and REPACK for Germany. :)AWesome.
em w kids -small.jpgDSCN6136 -small.jpgPAINTINGAf -small.jpgTWANGA2 -small.jpg

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