Last Week- Tanzania. Tomorrow- Germany.

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After a month in Africa -- helping in gardens, at an orphanage, peeling potatoes in the kitchen, admiring homemade fabrics/baskets, & just traveling the beautiful country of Tanzania --- I am now ready for part II of my summer.

I leave tomorrow for Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany. I will be interning at a German Kunstverein, member-owned Art Gallery that will host an oil painter this summer. I am so excited I can hardly handle myself -- for the people, food, language, hiking trails... & the ARTWORK. Here is the sight for my Kunstverein:

I will be updating this blog often, since it's part of the program as well. So -- enjoy!?!
Now, off to UNPACK Africa -- and REPACK for Germany. :)AWesome.
em w kids -small.jpgDSCN6136 -small.jpgPAINTINGAf -small.jpgTWANGA2 -small.jpg

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