Measure Twice - Hang Once. [Oder veilleicht ein bischen mehr...]

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Yesterday morning Hans and I drove to Jugenheim -- picked up 34 paintings & Susanne Ritter, the exhibiting artist. We drank coffee on her patio, talked about 'what makes art - art' and spoke German. Great way to start any day.***

After some stir fry, wine, & strawberries, [much thanks to Ria!] -- we met at the KV to unpack/unwrap the show. We ended up hanging the artwork on the bottom level lastnight until about 11pm, and Susanne & I hung rest today.

All day today -- Susanne & I measured in meters/centimeters & calculated in German. For those of you that dont know Deutsch, the ones digit comes first in all numbers. Example: 25 would be "5 and 20." This definitely made communicating simple addition/subtraction slightly amusing. "Vier und sechzig" seems a lot like 46 [its not - its 64]. But after hanging about 20 paintings... hA. It was fun.

I have to add that working side by side w/Susanne Ritter was pretty amazing. We talked undertones, color mixing, shadow variations...etc. That experience needs to be another post altogether. Its already midnight & tomorrow is the eve of the opening. (!!!) Guten nacht -- Ich muss schlafen.


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you would stop teaching math to further your art career, and then go to germany and do math in german. awesome.****

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