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Where do I even begin... These are all works by Hans Kalkmann, with whom I have my current internship. He is wonderful. Multi-talented. And incredibly hardworking. He rennovated and runs the Kunstverein, is a sculptor, & has written numerous art-related books. Recently, he wrote a book on the history of a river in this region, initiated an art bike trail, water trail, and will be included in a 'Art in Public' book this summer - as one of 150 artists chosen. I love it. I get to see so many different ideas/concepts/ways of being an artist. It fits me -- & the kind of artist I want to be -- perfectly.

Here is a link to Kontakt-Kunst. So far, Hans & his son, Jens, have made close to fifty public sculptures all around Germany. Most are water-related -- and beautiful. http://www.kalkmann-kontakt-kunst.de/


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