Mein Internationale Professor -- Chris. Larson.

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DSCN6540.jpgDSCN6541.jpgI worked my first shift alone at the Kunstverein this afternoon. It went well. We had something like 30 people come in to see the show. They would walk in speaking german (uber fast) -- so I'd politely tell them (in german) that I was new to the KV & am still learning to speak... yikes.**

Anyways, between those comical conversations, I looked through the latest edition of the "Zeitkunst" [Art Times]. When I got to the middle -- there was a full page spread of my Professor from the University of Minnesota. (!!) Chris Larson. (!!!)

I took two courses from Chris this past semester -- & they were definitely my favorites. We critiqued work, visited local art centers, and became familiar w/the local art scene. In fact, we went to his studio on our last day of class -- so I saw these pieces in-the-making.

I knew he was exhibiting in Europe this Summer -- but I totally wasn't expecting to read about him on my first day at the KV. Super cool - & slightly bizarre. :)

Here is a link to the ZeitKunst article:

And here is the link to his exhibition at The View Contemporary Art Space:

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