Montag, Dienstag, Mittwoch -- recap.

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IMG_4780.jpg <-- [a photo from our Sunday morning run. Danke fur es Barbara!]

Monday -- Translated a few paragraphs of text, for a sign that will be going up in Bad Salzdetfurth. Used a dictionary, goolge-translate, and loved it.

Tuesday -- Did a write-up about my stay here thus far, what I will be doing here the next 5 weeks, and a brief bio. We sent it all off to the Hildeshim newspaper - to go along with my interview. :)

That evening - I met Barbara & we hit up Yoga. The first 20 minutes we 'neutralized our bodies' - [soaked our feet in warm, salt water w/flower petals floating all around. CooL!?!] THen yoga -- german style.***

Wednesday -- Hung out w/Luis - [Hans' 5yr-old grandkid.] Jumped on the tramp, did laundary, went for a walk, then got some icecream. Later, I worked at the KV, did a few sketches while working, & finished the evening with wine/food/good conversation at Hans & Ria's home. :)

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