Painting. Supplies. Here. [!!!]

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Hans ordered paints, brushes, canvases, the works -- & they arrived yesterday.****** I spent most of Thursday and all of today [die ganze tag] painting in Hans' studio. Its a wonderful, ideal place to create -- huge windows and skylights and peaceful and great. I took pictures around Bodenburg -- & have used some techniques Susanne & I discussed. :)

Besides a few watercolors in Africa -- I really haven't painted since early MAy!! Far too long... So yes -- the past two days have been marvelous.**

This morning -- first Luis came with me. I got him all set up & we painted. Pretty soon a friend of theirs, Wincent - was peeping through the door. So I got him a brush, paper, paints. About an hour before lunch, Henry came too. We didn't leave the studio until after 4pm tonight. :) So fun.

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