Barbara - Nina - & Homemade [Bio] Marigold Face Cream.***

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DSCN7130.jpgDSCN7122.jpgDSCN7121.jpgDSCN7025.jpgDSCN6872.jpgDSCN6871.jpg **************Barbara is my running / yoga / organic friend that lives next door. I've written lots about her - cuz she's wonderful.

On Friday evening -- after the Soltmann festival -- I went to B's house and we drank organic red wine, listened to Paul Simon & Amy Winehouse music, all while making homemade face cream. We used Ringelblumen [Marigolds] from B's garden, shea butter, oil, rose & other scents -- heated, strained, & mixed the ingredients. Then made matching labels. ;) Barbara & Nina are truly a great mother / daughter pair -- immer viel spass und wirklich wunderbar.*** Vielen Dank, Barbara -- fur alle!!

P.s. We ran 17km together this morning. It rained on our way home - but was all-around good nonetheless.**

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