Donnerstag. War. Beschaeftigt. [busy!] Zuerst...

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DSCN6958.jpgI went with Hans to Alfeld. There, we met with the Director of the Sparkasse Banks, gallery directors, three newpaper reporters, and the Program Chair for the Musiktage Festivities. The KV will be a host for one of the concerts.

Musiktage is a month-long concert series in Lower Saxony. Every day, from Spetember 3rd bis October 2nd -- there are concerts, sometimes multiple concerts each day, throughout this area. It sounds amazing. All sorts of music -- in the most beautiful buildings and parks in this area. Here is a photo of those incharge. We met at a local shoe factory in Alfeld, hance the shoe molds.

Also, here is a link to the festival:

After a few hours of painting, I went with Barbara & her daughter, Nina, to see - a glass gallery - a castle - & Barbara's work place. It was great. Then laundry... DSCN6973.jpgDSCN6980.jpgDSCN6987.jpgDSCN6963.jpg

Naechste -- At 6pm I helped set up the tent at the KV, for Sundays' gathering. And learned how to tie two new knots...


Schliesslich---- The evening ended with live music, good food, and the company of Barbara & Nina at Roberto's Cafe. A great, great day.***DSCN7028.jpg

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