Mittwoch -- Hildesheim Markt.

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DSCN7278.jpgDSCN7272.jpgDSCN7274.jpgDSCN7289.jpgDSCN7306.jpgDSCN7280.jpgDSCN7290.jpgDSCN7319.jpgDSCN7322.jpg ________________ Wednesday: Anna & I went w/Barbara to the Hildesheim Markt Platz. We bought tomatoes from a cute old man, kohlorabies cuz they are our moms' favorite, passion fruit from a guy that kept giving us samples, saw the noon-hour Glockenspiel, stopped by a used book store, a small gallery, and ate olives that Anna claims are 'the best things she has ever eaten. Ever." :) When we got back to Bodenburg -- we 'fruhstucked' [breakfasted] with Barbara. Then I headed off to work at the KV, while Anna mingled & met me there later. Fun morning. Fun day. DSCN0368.JPGDSCN0369.JPG

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