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DSCN6536.jpgI dropped my painting stuff off at Hans' studio -- then walked back home to leave him a note. I was about halfway through my cup of coffee --- so I brought the mug along. [Here's a picture of the trail -- that connects my 'home' with 'work.']

A woman was walking her two dogs. She said something about coffee -- but I was totally day dreaming -- & didnt catch the first part. So I said something like, 'Yeah -- I only have a little ways to go -- so I brought it along..'

Her German reply: 'No, what I said was -- I think its beautiful you are walking w/coffee in hand.' I thanked her -- then smiled the rest of the way. ************************

PS. Tuesday night Yoga was wonderful as ever. Oh, & here was today's horoscope. Seems too beautifully-fitting to leave out of this post: LIBRA. Maybe you don't know what to expect, but that hasn't stopped you before. Go forward. You are a beloved child of the universe and will be cared for as such.

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