My Taglich Studio Visitor -- Dieter Meier.

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DSCN6897.jpgDSCN6902.jpgDSCN6898.jpgDSCN6901.jpg Usually 2 or 3 times a week, Mr. Meier comes to visit while I'm painting. A few weeks ago -- he was biking by & stopped out of curiosity. Now -- he comes to see my progress. Today, he brought me a gift. He was an engineer, so its a very detailed drawing of his family coat-of-arms. He wrapped it up so nicely & labelled it & everything -- Id hate to undo all of that. But it is thoughtful, generous, & I love it.

Also -- last week I mentioned that my sister was a history teacher. So today -- he came with history books, magazines, clippings -- and hand-made charts. I got an hour and a half lesson about the history of German Royalty. Complete with visual guides, charts, sketches, & all. :)

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