Route. 8. --- [All of Donnerstag.]

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I wanted to show Anna how amazing the hiking trails are here. But I was a little gung-ho... It took us 2 hours to HIKE to the START of the ROUTE 8 TRAIL. Oops. She was a good trooper --- & didnt complain on the 9am to 6pm hike. hA. By the end --- we were giddy-tired and everything was funny. :) But then we celebrated w/Eis & drinks. DSCN7420.jpgDSCN7397.jpgDSCN7407.jpgDSCN0394.JPGDSCN0396.JPGDSCN0382.JPGDSCN7439.jpgDSCN0412.JPGDSCN7342.jpgDSCN7343.jpg

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