Samstag -- Garten und Parks Tour.

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11.08.06 parks+Gärten 017.jpg11.08.06 parks+Gärten 009.jpg11.08.06 parks+Gärten 002.jpg11.08.06 parks+Gärten 026.jpg ***************** There were three locations on the Garden & Parks Tour. The top one -- is an old, vacant castle. I guess it is up for sale - so Hans joked that it could be my new studio.** The left picture - is an old church with a giant garten in back.

At one point, we sat in an old church - to hear the history. An older man asked if the seat next to me was free. Then he said something pretty fast, so I asked him to say it again a little slower. He asked where I came from. I said MN. He goes, "Ahhh Hwy 14 down by Winona." 50 years ago -- Curt was in Minnesota for nine months, studying farming in Winona & St. Paul. :)

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