We met Luisa in Goettingen.**********

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DSCN7220.jpgDSCN7228.jpgDSCN7221.jpgDSCN7223.jpgDSCN7245.jpgDSCN7254.jpg ***Tuesday*** In my home town -- we have an exchange program with a small town in Germany -- called Lahr. You go there a month / live with a family -- then they come to MN & stay with you. Luisa was Anna's partner. In 2007, when I travelled in Europe a bit -- I met up & stayed w/Luisa & her family. But Anna had not seen them in six years!

So we took the train to Goettingen -- and met up w/Luisa, her mom [Susanne], & her boyfriend [Tobi]. Hans suggested we meet by the Gande Lisa. Its a fountain in the center of the town. I guess its a tradition for guys who study there -- to climb the fountain and give her a kiss -- when they graduate from Universitat. :)

Anyways -- It was great. Luisa now lives in Heidelberg & studies Exercise Science - with a focus on the health benefits of exercise for cancer patients.** Tobi studies English - which helped lots. & Susanne brought our family treats and thoughtful gifts. It was a really fun day.

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