Wochenende. Recap.

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ee.jpgFRITAG: I spent most of Friday painting. :) I'm painting some scenes & buildings from around town --- I'll post them soon. Left is Han's studio. I paint here, daily. He has work space, a gallery, office, and apartment all here. His son is an architect, so they designed it together. It is marvelous.

Later, I met Hans & Ria, so together we went to a gallery opening in a town nearby, then out to eat in Alfeld. Alfeld is where Hans had studied, so we looked around a bit. As for the art -- it was 'frei art' --- Very loose, free, no forms, really -- very abstract.
Here's a link to the artists' site: http://www.kuehnkunst.de/

SAMSTAG: Barbara & I went for a morning run in the rain, then stopped to pick apples at the end. I ended up reading / Rosetta-Stone-ing until 3pm, when I worked at the Kunstverein. At the KV, I found a flower, baked goods, and an invite to join Inge's family for dinner. Inge is the sweetest little lady. She volunteers at the KV and is a big arts supporter. [Side-note: She is originally from Denmark - but came to Germany when she married her childhood pen-pal. Adorable.**] We went to a Greek restaurant and her family was great.

SONNTAG: Run, again with Barbara in the hills of Bad Salzdetfurth - we picked blackberries and plums afterward. :) I worked for 7 hours in the KV. Ria made a basket of veggies/bread - & I paged through art books - & spoke German all day. I was even complimented on it.** After, I had a great meal and red wine with Hans & Ria.

The people here are wonderful. Truly.

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