11:20am Departure ---- 3:30pm Arrival..... HOME!!

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nga & I left for the bus station at quarter to 7. The trains run every hour from Bodenburg - at 4min after. So we hopped the 7:04 train with all of the students just starting up school again after Summer break.

We had breakfast and coffee at our stop at the Hannover main train station - while swapping trains. Then said goodbyes at the airport.

Inga is adorable. She is always on the go - and always motherly. A bit of home.
My dad picked me up at 4pm. Crazy - that I can wake up in Germany, and then sleep that same night in my own bed.

When I got home - my whole family came to my parents for dinner. My sisters / their adorable babies / my mom tied German flag-colored balloons to the front door. It was cheesey - but appreciated. As much as I loved Germany - its always nice to come home and see how it has changed you.

Fresh new appreciations all around.***** What a great, great experience. PRost!!

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