Anna's 25th Bday.

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DSCN0440.JPGAnna turned 25 on Friday. We started off the day - with a breakfast with Hans & Ria. Ria made a dense, delicious Apple cake with homemade whip cream. We toasted with champagne, even though it was 8:30am.. Ria gave Anna a beautiful dish and natural soaps, and Hans gave her one of the books from the Hortus Medicus Austellung at the Kunstverein. Anna is a nurse, and that exhibition dealt with all of the plants growing in the Bad Salzdetfurth area - that have benefits to our health.
Later, we did a little shopping and wandering in Bad Salzdetfurth. We checked out the Solebad Platz, had Ice Cream in the city center, and took the train home.
That evening Jens & Iris, [Hans' son and his wife,] invited us over for a BBQ and bonfire afterwards. It was great. Henry & Luis loved having a new visitor - and we laughed and ate and drank wine for a few hours with them.

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