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*****Boat-Hopping/Sight-Seeing all around Venice.
Just to become familiar with the city - Hans, Ria & I hopped from boat to boat today.


**********LA. BIENALLE. Day #1.
Today I roamed the Gardinia section of the Bienalle. Art from so many countries. So many differing perspectives. It was amazing.**

**********LA. BIENALLE. Day #2.
More Bienalle - but today I walked through the Arsenale section. It housed Italy, China, and a few other countries' exhibitions.

I checked out Santa Maria's church Friday, then hit up Peggy Gugenheim Museum, before catching a bus to the airport. I found a $79, one hour flight, back to Hannover.
Saturday morning I ran w/ Barbara & then ate breakfast with her family. I packed in the afternoon - and then ate dinner w/ Inga & her husband.
Sunday - I ran with Barbara again - & had coffe & breakfast with her family - again!  Then Inga hosted a going away dinner that evening for me. These people are too wonderful.**

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