Saturday - Anna leaves!! Sunday -- Venedig!!!

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Anna & I woke up early, packed up, and got onto the 8am train to Hannover. She flew out early the next day - so we decided it was best to get her there, stay in a hotel, and then she is ready for the next morning's flight.
So I dropped her off and got her all situated, then I headed back to Bodenburg - to work the Saturday evening hours at the Kunstverein.

****** En ROute to VENICE.******
Ria & Hans invited me to travel with them - my last week here - to Venice. We left early on Sunday morning. Stopped once near Munich to eat our packed lunch - out on a bench on the edge of a forest. It was gorgeous. Then we continued on through the northern tip of Austria and into Italy. We stayed in Ala, Italy at a teeny hotel that night - and then left after breakfast Monday morning.
As for the journey. UNBELIEVABLE. The mountains - are amazing. I haven't read or slept at all during the first 12 hours of driving. Its far too beautiful --- I have to look out the window - at all times!!

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