December 6, 2005

goodbye blog. and good riddance

hey Uniqueka and Desmoenia. Thanks for the comments, my blog hasn't been too popular but thank you for making me feel loved. I also started listening to a lot of rap and RnB lately. My favorite rappers are Mos Def, JayZ, Missy Elliot, and Atmosphere. good stuff.
Well, this is my last blog entry. It wouldve been nice to get to know more of you, but I wish you all good luck in school and the future.

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goodbye blog. and good riddance

hey Uniqueka and Desmoenia. Thanks for the comments, my blog hasn't been too popular but thank you for making me feel loved. I also started listening to a lot of rap and RnB lately. My favorite rappers are Mos Def, JayZ, Missy Elliot, and Atmosphere. good stuff.
Well, this is my last blog entry. It wouldve been nice to get to know more of you, but I wish you all good luck in school and the future.

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November 29, 2005


What’s crackin’ kiddos
It’s been awhile, but I had a very nice break back home in Apple Valley. It was the longest I have been home since school started. I worked a lot of the time at the dry cleaners I worked at over the summer. No one every comes in so all I do is read and play guitar(sometimes sing really loud cause nobody can hear me). What kind of music do you guys like? I’d be interested to find out because I like all kinds and maybe you can recommend something good to me.

I spent Thanksgiving with my family. Every year my Grandpa Alex and his friends come over to our house. They are always so much fun. My grandpa is this crazy old man (he was kind of crazy his whole life though) who sings randomly at the table and and tells us his extremely liberal views on things going on in the world. His friends that come belong to this group called the “Culture Vultures?…needless to say dinner conversation was interesting.

After that I went to my Grandmas house with my Dad and had fun talking to all my relative. I did get sick of people asking me “Hows the University??.
What about you guys, what did you do for Thanksgiving and last weekend?

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November 9, 2005

Hey mike, sounds like you are into just about any game imaginable. I bet you're pretty good at them. Are you on any sports teams? I remember when I was a lot younger I pretty much lived in my basement playing my really old-school Nintendo, and then later on Super Nintendo. I beat all 3 Donkey Kong games. I also own all the Tony Hawk pro skater games, but I dont play them a lot anymore. I'm really busy in college. I'm having a ton of fun and learning a lot, but it's hard work. Halloween was a lot of fun, I dressed up like courtney love. You guys may not know who she is, but she's just this crazy rock star from the 1990s who gets arrested a lot and picks fights with other celebrities. It was fun because I felt like I could get away with anything in the costume. What about the rest of you Lincoln people? So far I've only talked to Mike. Did you have a fun halloween? Anything else coming up youre excited for?

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November 1, 2005

ice cream

Hey mike. thanks for the comment. I think it would be really fun to create games.
Theres a program here at the U of M for making games. I think there is probably some kind of program for any kind of job you could want to have, everything, whether you want to be a photographer, a brain surgeon, a zookeeper, or a teacher, they'll teach you about it here.
College life is also really great because of all the independance you have. You're parents can't tell you when to go to bed or what you eat. You can stay up all night and eat ice cream for dinner and they'll never know, as long as you keep going to your classes.
What kind of games do you like to play?

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October 22, 2005

hey kiddies

My name is Angie Lynch. I grew up in Apple Valley, Minnesota and spent my whole life there up until a couple months ago when I started school at the University of Minnesota. I plan on majoring in Art but I will probably relocate to a different school in Seattle if I can keep my grades up this year. My favorite thing to do is play guitar, something I've been doing since I was about your age. I was in a couple bands in high-school and will definately join/start another one as soon as I can find some other motivated musicians. I love animals, hanging out with friends, reading, and making people laugh. In the next few weeks I hope to share some of my college experiences with you via this blog. I hope you can also tell me a bit about yourself through your comments. A few things I want to know about you are:

1. What do you like best about school? What do you like least? What is the easiest part of school for you? What is the hardest?

2. What do you think you want to be when you grow up?

3. What do you and your friends do for fun where you live?

hope to hear from you soon!

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October 19, 2005

wednesday night brain dribble

Yesterday in class Jerry volunteered me to read my first draft of the Lincoln paper to the class. I had spent very little time on it, compared with most other essays I write, so naturally I was really nervous about reading it in front of everyone. But Jerry was insisting, and there was really no way out. So I read it, bitterly, and to my surprise I got a lot of positive feedback on the little sheets of paper everyone gave me when I was done. Mostly they told me I needed an intro and a few more personal anecdotes to give the paper more "Ethos" appeal (a vocab word we learned in class yesterday). It's so hard for me to compare Lincoln with my own experiences though, because all I know about Lincoln I've learned from readings or Jerry. I have no personal account of the area or school to work from.

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October 13, 2005

lincoln & falcon

The most obvious difference between Lincoln and Falcon Ridge(my middle school), is the surrounding neighborhood. Its safe to say that Lincoln is in or close by the poorest area in all of Minneapolis. The houses and businesses have been there a long time and are probably really run-down. The people that live in the neighborhood are only there because it is all they can afford, they didnt just decide to move to that neighborhood because it was appealing to them. The neighborhood Falcon is in is pretty much the opposite. Its in the richest part of Apple Valley. The area is all new-developments, new businesses, picture perfect suburban neighborhoods. The houses are ridiculously large for the size of families living in them. My house was right on the boarder, I couldve gone to the more ghetto middle school on the other side of town, but my parents chose Falcon Ridge for obvious reasons. I had a really hard time fitting in, because basiclly the more money your family had and the more fancy new things your parents bought for you the more popular you were. At Lincoln Id imagine popularity is measured much differently. A rich kid might even be socially excluded, since a majority of the students come from a background of poverty.

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October 11, 2005


Today was a very productive day for me, as far as my grasp on the "Lincoln and me" paper goes. Up until today I didn't really understand what the essay was supposed to entail. It was just a yellow sheet of paper buried somewhere, looming over my head until I got around to doing it. But I had my meeting with Jerry today, and he explained the gist of it to me, kind of steered me in the right direction. Later on I had the actual class where we talked about Lincoln and the public school system the whole time. I think the census bureau website will be very helpful for my essay. Maps and demographics can really tell you a lot when you start to compare different areas. I'm much more confident after today about the essay

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October 6, 2005

blog 2 ...insomnia

Sometimes i have these nights, where I stay up way too late studying for my test at 8:15 the next morning. I realize at about 1:00am that I need to go to sleep if I'm going to be at all functional in the morning. I lie restless in bed waiting and waiting for sleep to come...but it just wont. I open my eyes, the digital clock says 1:35, 1:57, 2:15....As it starts to approach three oclock I start to wonder if maybe I'd be better off not sleeping at all than waking up after 4 hours of sleep and trying not to fall asleep on my test. I could by-pass sleep all together and just run until tommorow afternoon off of this wierd abundance of energy that seems to increase the later it gets. So...thats where I am at now. I realize this entry is in no way relevant to anything we're doing in class. But to be completely honest, it's hard to come up with topics relating to the class when we seem to talk about the same kind of things every day...I really love to write, I used to always keep journals in highschool, but its hard to find the time now. All I've been writing in lately is this thick little black notebook with unlined pages. I take it out of my purse, sometimes in the strangest places, to scribble down random poetic nonsense that pops into my head. Sometimes at night when I can't sleep its actually because I need to get things down on paper that are clogging up my mind. Oh what will i do with myself..

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