Mass Protest over Abortion Rights in Madrid

Tens of Thousands of protesters went out in Madrid's streets Sunday to protest a bill that will make it easier for women to receive an abortion, according to the BBC.
"Get out of here and let the children live," demonstrators chanted as they called on the socialist government's equality minister Bibiana Aido to resign, reported France 24.
The bill passed through parliament and allows women to get an abortion up to 14 weeks into her pregnancy.
As it is, a woman can only terminate her pregnancy under specific circumstances, including rape, fetal abnormalities or physical danger to the mother's health and life, according to the BBC.
The new bill is expected to come into existence in July.
A series of ethical issues have the Catholic right pitted against the government, which legalized gay marriage and made divorce easier, according to the BBC.
Socialst Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said the only difference with this bill is that women will not be sent to jail or threatened with jail time for terminating her pregnancy.
Children should not be responsible if their parents do not want them. Parents should have thought about that aspect before, Marta Puig told AP news reporters.

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