My Process: Lazertran Inkjet on Glass

The final printing process I decided on was Lazertran Inkjet Transfer Paper.
Lazertran products can be found online or in the UMD school store.

The process of printing on glass using Lazertran Inkjet paper is simple.
A clean piece of glass
Rubbing alcohol
Lazertran Inkjet Paper
Polyurethane (optional)

A printed peice of lazertran paper. I trimmed off the excess white space.
Place this in water for 60 seconds and a gummy decal containing the ink will slide off.
Place the wet decal on glass coated with rubbing alcohol.
Any Lazertran not printed on will dry an opaque white.
When polyurethane is applied to the dried surface, the white will turn clear and the ink will be translucent.

I used alcohol prep pads on the glass. It is best when applied immediately before the printed decal. A nice healthy coat works best to adhere the image.

For each piece, I used a template of the final image and placed each piece of glass on top of it. This assured everything was aligned properly.

A piece of glass next to the template. My first successful use of Lazertran!

My stand mock up.

99.png The winning width between glass plates.

1st round of final printing.

The back panel had to be replaced. The blue feathers were placed too high.

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