Test Printing

The first attempt at layered glass with Lazertran Inkjet, clearly did not work well.

This is the very first attempt with the Lazertran.
This piece did not turn out because I did not trim the white space.
It also did not adhere correctly to the glass because I did not use enough alcohol.
I also used 2 coats of polyurethane, which turned the colors translucent.
Colors are much brighter without the polyurethane



After making the tiny mock up with inkjet transfer paper, i made another one using clear transfer paper, for a better view.

Printing of glass was the next experiment for me.
This is a tiny mock up of a glass piece I wanted to make.
The plan was to have 4-6 pieces of glass, 10" x 10" ,
This is an image of a peacock feather, cut into 7-8 pieces and printed on inkjet transfer paper.

This is my attempt at printing on aluminum and steel.
I used sandpaper to scratch the surface. I then coated the metal with 2-3 layers of gel medium.
I printed on inkjet trasnfer paper and placed the ink side down on the gel medium.
The process was not a great success for me.

This was probably my best attempt at transferring an image onto metal.
You can see where I used the sandpaper a little too much.

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