November 8, 2006

Eli Zimmerman

When I was a kid I remember closing my eyes and gently pressing my fingers onto my eyelids. Doing this creates a reaction causing you to see changing patterns of yellow, orange, and white shapes. To this day I am still fascinated by unique patterns and senses that go unnoticed or seem mundane, such as how the sun hits the pavement on a hot day, the smell of worms after a spring rain, or the pattern that is made if you look at a light source for too long.

My work explores how meaning can be discovered through patterns and the layering of information. By simplifying the complicated structures around us, we are able to see what might have otherwise gone unseen. There is no correct way of seeing, but rather, there are many different ways of seeing. What I do through my work is to bring these different ways of seeing out through the creation of different patterns. It is not about being right, or seeing something better, just different.

For instance, some of my work includes the use of gum wrapper foil. The silver foil is used as a design mechanism adding a layer of texture, while exploiting its ability to reflect light. My goal is to utilize a material and change the way in which we perceive the original. Currently I am creating landscapes of layered watercolor, ink, pen, and silver foil to create a play between the unexpected and planned pattern.