November 8, 2006

Katherine Hart

Color, texture, shadows. These things immediately stand out when looking at my paintings. I have been working with low relief in my paintings for four years now and still the possibilities seem endless. There have been many different subjects, including sunsets and underwater scenes, although lately the pictures have been moving towards total abstraction. The paintings have many vibrant and intense colors juxtaposed to create areas of high contrast and areas of similarity. These colors are painted and blended over weather stripping clay which is also textured to create contrast or similarity. The interplay between the colors and underlying structure of clay is very interesting to me. My pictures usually reference nature, although in some of the abstract pieces these forms remain unrecognizable. In addition to acting like paintings hung on the wall, my work also functions like sculpture in that the angle of viewing changes what forms, colors and shadows are seen. From different angles, new patterns and color combinations appear. The angle of lighting also can create interesting shadow effects. I really enjoy all of this variation as it allows much more to play and experiment with than a two dimensional flat surface.

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