November 8, 2006

Ping-yao Chen

Taotie 1: The face of the beast. Diptych. Inkjet print on paper, 28"x56", 2006.

Taotie 2: The face of the beast - drawing. Inkjet print on paper, 22"x30", 2006.

Cross-world oracles. Magnetic sheet on steel, 14"x28", 2006.

Oracle circuit. Transfer of digital images to copper, 14"x18", 2006.

I am interested in various phenomena underlying globalization. Due to the advance of technology, time and distance can no longer separate any resident on earth. Everyone is deeply connected and related. However, this nearness also brings with it contradictions and causes conflicts among diverse groups. The result is a different kind of separation. I am especially fascinated by the influences of multiple cultures on a community. I was raised in Taiwan, a place that is full of conflicts. However, I can see a new life and confidence emerging from the search process for self-identification. Seeing new hope and life from the encounter of multiple cultures inspires my art making.

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