April 6, 2007

Sam Soule

I am not extremely interested in talking about my work with others or going as far as to explain it. This has been something that I have been struggling with for some time now. I have a hard time understanding making artwork for the viewer. When I am making a work, I am never trying to create it for someone else to look at. The piece that I am creating is solely for myself. It just happens that my work gets looked at by other people and they make comments on it. Most of the time I have no idea what to say to these comments. An awkward thank you or a grunt usually comes out but I never dig into what they think because for me it does not really matter. I am not in my studio creating something like a valentine for someone else, I am creating these works for myself to look at.

Influences are a very difficult issue for me to deal with. I never really want to admit that I am influenced by one particular person because I feel that following that point people will judge not only you but your work as well. Trying to stay unique in today’s world is as hard as trying to dive into a pool without water. What I have done, be it out of ignorance or out of stubbornness, is try not to look at many other works. I try not to go to museums, read art history books, or just look at other art in general. That is something that I had done for a long time. I am slowly slipping out of this hermit like state and have begun to look at other artwork in hopes that I can still believe that I can be original.

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