November 8, 2006

Molly Wicks

I know that color affects me. I have always been the girl who is drawn to any piece of artwork in a museum that is bright and colorful, and quite often I find that I like this art no matter the content. A few artists that come to mind are Mondrian, Matisse, and Kirchner. These artists were not afraid of using pure rich color. In this series that I’ve been working on, I use pure color and very rarely will I tint or shade the paint. I mix pure cadmium red light with pure yellow ochre. The piece for my senior show and those pieces similar that preceded it are incredibly bright.

I am constantly aware of color and shape as I walk through and experience the world. I have recently been using very geometric and not organic shapes. I think that simple advertisements or signs influence this desire to be geometric. The way that grass and nature affect my work comes back to the color. I love the color green and I always tend to notice it when going through the day. I like red also, and I think that is because it’s the complementary color of green. These colors definitely dominate my work because they dominate what I notice in the outside world: the ground, and oh so many signs and advertisements.

The dot work I do now is very material specific. I use acrylic paint and do so because I know that oil would not be an option for this project. The work is very textured and I have found that so often when I use oils, I tend to smear or ruin texture because the thickness takes too long to dry. I’ve also noticed that environmental dust or debris very often attracts itself to wet oil paint, and because I do not work in a facility that is clean to my liking I will not paint as textured with oils. I also do not mix the paint with any mediums or extenders because as I paint with one color I like to see how the paint naturally dries and how that affects the dot itself. At the end of painting one square the paint is often gooey and thick, and I like that effect on the piece itself. It gives a variety in the dots and changes the way a viewer’s eye moves through the piece. I really like having my hand attached to a paint brush, pencil, or utensil that is making a mark, and I therefore consider the materials I use to be very important.