December 13, 2006

Peter McLarnan

Image 1: Make A Wish-They Had It Coming...Text

Image 2: Make A Wish-They Had It Coming...


Paul is walking along the sidewalk, wearing his overcoat with his hands in his pockets when he passes an alleyway. He turns his head and looks into the alley as he slows his steps, and stops. In the alley, he sees several men assaulting a man who is already on the ground. Paul stares into the alley.

The three men take notice, and leave their victim.

They walk down the alley towards Paul.

Paul enters the alley and walks towards the three approaching men. They are holding pipes and sticks with arrogant menace.

As they near each other, Paul stops walking. The men stop walking also. They are in a showdown.

From his overcoat pocket, Paul quickly draws a pistol. He fires on the men. He shoots down two of the men, while the third runs back down the alley away from Paul.

Paul chases him down the alley. The man begins to climb a fence.

Paul aims carefully, and shoots the man in the back. He falls from the fence.

Paul backs away slowly, in fearful, prideful awe of the consequences of his actions.

He turns and runs out of the alley.

Image 3: A Videographic Catalogue of the History of Irish Misery*working title