Monday Memo: Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Season

Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Season
We are moving into the severe thunderstorm and tornado season.  Take a moment to review the emergency procedures from the University of Minnesota Emergency Preparedness website at: .  Then review the specific procedures for notifying patrons/staff in your specific building by visiting the Libraries Facilities and Operations Management (FOM) wiki at: .
A tornado or severe thunderstorm watch means that conditions are right for severe weather to develop rapidly.  If a watch is issued for Hennepin or Ramsey Counties, the following steps should be taken:
- Monitor the local emergency alert radio station, the Twin Cities media, or the National Weather Service Web site.
- Supervisors with employees working outdoors should consider instructing them to go inside the closest building with safe areas.
- Supervisors with employees working indoors (such as in offices or laboratories) may instruct employees to close windows and blinds and be ready to move to safe areas.
- Faculty with classes in session should close windows, inform students of their building's safe areas, and be ready to relocate to those areas.

A tornado or severe thunderstorm warning means that severe weather is happening and the situation is dangerous.  The National Weather Service will sound sirens in the event of a tornado warning, but not in the event of other severe storms.  The University will activate tone-alert radios.  If a tornado or a severe thunderstorm warning is issued for Hennepin or Ramsey Counties, the following steps should be taken:
- Move students and staff to a safe area immediately.  Safe areas include basements, pedestrian tunnels, or interior hallways on the lowest floor.  Avoid large, poorly supported roofs and structures such as auditoriums or gymnasiums.
- Close classroom, laboratory, or office doors, and stay away from windows.
- Remain in a safe area until the warning expires or until the all-clear signal has been issued.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact your building facilities manager.
- Bernadette Corley Troge


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