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New Copyright Site

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Nancy Sims, University Libraries, has been working for several months on migrating the copyright website to Drupal and updating the content. Happy to announce the new site is now live at

Feedback much appreciated, especially any corrections!

Major changes and additions:
  • Home page focuses on two issues - use, and ownership. This is based on the use statistics of the old website, and questions from workshops; these are the central information needs of most visitors to the site. However, the site also provides information on a number of other issues, with content accessible from the side menu.
  • Fair Use Analysis Tool is now called "Thinking Through Fair Use" to emphasize that it is not a substitute for legal advice. Heavily updated the checkboxes and simplified some of the language.
  • Copyright Decision Map is now called "Can I Use It?: A Map of Use Issues", and is available in both updated graphic form and a fully accessible outline form.
  • New material

Important: NO links to the old site, except for the home page, will work - the URL structure of Drupal is very different. Please update any links on webpages you maintain!

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