November 15, 2004
Screwed In LAMEbeau Once Again


Yep, that's the proof in the pudding that the Vikes were once again screwed by the refs while playing on frozen LAMEbeau field. (By the way, how can a field be frozen when it has heaters underneath it!?!?).

Here is what Peter King says regarding the fumble on the kickoff return:

It's amazing, and a little sad, that the Minnesota special-teamer Derek Ross actually had possession of the fumbled Robert Ferguson kickoff return in the final minute of the Packers-Vikings game. And Ross was down before the pigpile got the ball disengaged from him and into the hands of a Packer. Green Bay then moved a few yards into field goal range and won. That stolen ball, quite likely, is the difference between the Vikings having a two-game lead over the Packers this morning and the Pack and Vikes being tied at 5-4 atop the NFC North.

The refs will always give the calls to the Packers as long as Brett Favre is in the league."Brett Favre is the golden boy of the NFL. We know they'd get some calls," defensive tackle Chris Hovan said. "But there were other ways we could have won the game without relying on those calls."

So beside the Ross fumble recovery called in favor of the Packers, lets look at other areas the Vikes were screwed on national television:

1) Marcus Robinson: a complete non factor because he was being held all night. Any flags? NOT ONE!
2) Fumble in the endzone by the Packers that was a non-fumble? It was plain on the reply that the fumble occured prior to the goal-line and it should have been Vikes ball as they recovered. The ball had not yet broken the goal-line prior to the fumble occuring.

But no matter. Let the Cheeseheads have their week in the sun. The Vikes will finish no worse than 9-7. The Pack, no better than 8-8. Vikes will win the Central and the Packers will be on early vacation.

Onto Mike Tice. I've never thought he could get the team to the Big Dance and I still don't. He's being outcoached each game. And while I could continue to carry a long leash and support him, I feel equally I can criticize him as well. To wit:

1) Poor decision making and clock management. There are too many examples for me to know where to start!

2) May have tough guy mentality, but not at all hard on players and rest of coaching staff. Thus, team does not portray "tough guy" image on Sundays. When has this team ever come from behind to win a game under Tice--when it really meant something! Name one!

3) He has arguably the most talent in the NFL on offense, has had 3 years to prove himself and yet, despite this, his overall record and success has been sub-par at best. Tice is ultimately held accountable for this team's poor defense--even though it may really be the coaches under him that are under achieving-he needs to take the responsibility.

4) Handling of Moss. No further explanation necessary. If Moss is on the field at Indy and Green Bay, the team is 7-2 and running away with the Central. This is the biggest blunder in Vikings lore since, well, Les Steckel!

Posted by maasx003 at November 15, 2004 1:23 PM