January 5, 2005
Tidbits and Links


Today, I'm just clearing the desk of stuff I've found the last few days that I've found interesting.

All-Joe Team

Jermaine Wiggins made the USA Today All-Joe Team as the "Well-traveled vet made key catches."

The All-Joe team takes its name from Joe Phillips, a defensive tackle for 14 years for San Diego, Kansas City and Minnesota before retiring in 1999. The NFL's stars would not succeed without the All-Joes around them. They would never make the Pro Bowl without the guys who handle the grubbier assignments. Hence, the All-Joe motto: If you work hard, good things will happen. To someone else. And Wiggins certainly made Daunte Culpepper and Scott Linehan look good by picking up the tough underneath yards this season. Congrats Jermaine!

Red-Zone TD Performance

Very interesting piece available only in the print edition of USA Today so I'm not able to link to it. The paper charted red-zone touchdown performance to show how NFL teams fared in the red-zone during Weeks 13-16. Both offense and defense were evaluated. The Vikings as a team ranked as Poor Overall Performance. Not surprising, eh?

The offense was in the red-zone a mere eleven times during that period and scored a TD on just five possessions while the defense allowed the opponent into the red-zone twenty times and allowed fourteen TDs. For both units, this is a 17% drop in performance from Weeks 9-12.

I thought the team was suppose to improve as the season rolled on? I'll continue my Tice-has-to-go mantra a tad bit longer thank-you-very-much!

Tough Odds

Sean Jensen at the St. Paul Pioneer Press posted these odds earlier this week:

• No NFL team with a record of .500 or below ever has won a playoff game.

• The Packers won both games against the Vikings this season, and 10 of the past 15 teams that have swept an opponent have won the postseason matchup as well.

• Since the current playoff format began in 1990, home teams are 41-15 (.732) in wild-card games.

• The Vikings have won just two of their past 22 games outdoors.

• And Packers quarterback Brett Favre is 7-1 in playoff games at Lambeau Field.

Well, what does one say to that? Hmmm, the Pack is 4-4 at home this year? That the Vikes have never lost a game at Lambeau while I watch the game in my Sponge Bob Squarepants underwear while standing on my head singing the Welsh National Anthem?

Odds are fun to read but have little meaning come game day. Otherwise, they wouldn't play the game!

Sale Coming?

More and more is being discussed about the potential sale of the Vikings to suitor Glen Taylor. I came across this today during a review of Chris Mortensen's chat with fans. A Vikes fans asked the question about the potential sale and Mortensen responded:

Chris Mortensen: (11:32 AM ET ) I can't confirm that but there are more and more rumblings (suspicions?) that McCombs is close to a sale. Again, no confirmation.

Now, my good buddy The Commish reported to me that when the Wolves played the Knicks recently, Taylor was there. And Taylor doesn’t go to a lot of road games. A reporter asked him why he went to that game and his exact quote was, “Let’s just say I was here to watch the Wolves game.”

Fingers crossed. Toes crossed. Salt over left shoulder. Lucky rabbits foot. Knock on wood. Stay tuned.

Giants Again In 2005?!?!

Well, there will be at least one loss on the 2005 Vikings season. The vaunted New York Giants. Which means the Vikes will be rolling high at 5-1 or 6-1 and will play the Giants and go into a severe funk the rest of the season. Possibly backing into the playoffs or losing out in the final week of the season. We're in some sort of Groundhogs Day loop here!

Wait a minute! I thought a certain head-coach said we wouldn't have to face the Giants in 2005! I think the exact quote from Coach Flaggy was "Thank God we don't play the Giants next year". This, of course, was after the shellacking given this season.

Maybe it was that Coach Flaggy was saying that HE will not have to worry about the Giants next year because he will be collecting welfare?

Various Links

St. Paul Pioneer Press columnist Joe Soucheray has an interesting take on how to handle Moss Sunday.

Kiss of Death? Or do these pundits know something? (Scroll to bottom of link) Theismann, Salisbury, Hoge, Jaworski, and Schlereth all pick the Vikes to win!

Phil Simms writes a nice piece about "backing into the playoffs".

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