January 6, 2005
Moss WILL Have a Huge Game


Nope, I'm not crazy. Just following my M.O. as of late to bash everyone wearing purple for the first part of the week but then slowly come to the realization that this team has a decent chance for a 1987 type run in the playoffs.

The defense is starting to come together under Kevin Williams who was just named to the Associated Press all-pro team....first team no less. Williams is starting to dominate much in the same vein as Hall of Famer Alan Page.

The running game is starting to gel with Michael Bennett back to full speed. Bennett could provide the type of break-away "he...could....go....all....the...way" excitement that will only help the vertical game as well.

And there is a remorseful Randy Moss. Remember Merrill Hoge back in 2000? Hoge, an analyst on ESPN's NFL's Matchup, said he would take 20 receivers over the Vikings' Randy Moss. He said this because he thoguht Moss didn't play hard 110% of the time. The following week, Moss went out and roasted the Lions for seven catches, three touchdowns and 168 yards.

This past week, Moss has been widely criticized by national analysts and observers for leaving the field during Sunday's game in Washington with two seconds remaining. It would have been more typical of Moss to not respond to any media inquiries or have any comment. That was not the case this week.

That's why I know that Moss understands what he did was wrong. He is remorseful and wants to prove to his teammates that he can carry this team in the playoffs much like Anthony Carter did in the 1987 postseason. Why else do you explain that Moss privately addressed the situation with several players, among them Pro Bowl center Matt Birk.

Birk was asked if Moss' action was a distraction.

"It's only lingering outside of here (Winter Park)," Birk said. "Inside, it's been put to bed."

Why else do you explain that Moss granted an interview to ESPN on Wednesday and Fox on Thursday? He also called Vikings coach Mike Tice's radio show on KFAN-AM on Thursday evening.

Moss' teammates expect a big game from him Sunday in Green Bay. I do too....even if Moss is running on only four-of-five cylinders. Quietly in Green Bay they are starting to realize that a monster is stirring. A monster who will be bringing his A-game and will be posting monster numbers.

Get ready for the Quake at Lambeau!

Graham Predicts A Vikings Win

Back on December 14th, I had posted a piece about Graham the All Knowing. My soon-to-be 5-year old Graham had analyzed the Vikings that week and came up with this:

"The Vikings aren't bad guys. They just play bad."

Who could argue?

Yesterday, Graham The All Knowing came home and promptly addressed me. He had received a secret message from space aliens. Yes, space aliens.

Now before you rush to judgement about our parenting skills or assume that Graham needs to be safely locked away inside the Looney Bin, let me explain.

Perhaps Graham does watch a little too many Looney Tunes but he is in no way crazy. He is currently in a Alien Phase of his life. You know how boys (and men!) are. Well, in this current phase, Graham has developed his own alien language and often recites alien phrases to us. He also shows us how aliens walk. His fellow buds at day-care join in this new found enthusiasm and often converse in alien code.

Back to the point about the secret message. Graham The All Knowing had received this secret message. He relayed to me that the message stated, "The Vikings will score six times and beat the Packers".

So I got to thinking. That is pretty reasonable to fathom. Vikes get four TDs and 2 FGs and win 34-31 over the Packers. I gave Graham a confident high-five and promptly called my bookie to bet the farm on the Vikes. You should too.

And today, I can assure you that at a certain daycare in southwest St. Paul there is a young lad proudly wearing a Daunte Culpepper jersey and speaking in alien. That's my boy.


My Playoff Predictions


Games Saturday

St. Louis 37; Seattle 28

San Diego 27; N.Y. Jets 17

Games Sunday

Indianapolis 42; Denver 27

Vikings 34; Green Bay 31


Games Jan. 15

Pittsburgh 24; San Diego 17

St. Louis 31; Atlanta 30

Games Jan. 16

Vikings 23; Philadelphia 22

New England 27; Indianapolis 26


Games Jan. 23

Vikings 37; St. Louis 34

Pittsburgh 26; New England 17


Feb. 6/Jacksonville, Fla.

Vikings 28; Pittsburgh 27

Vikings Boost Prices for 2005 Tickets

I'll more to say on this Saturday. Suffice for now that I am disappointed in this decision.

And Your Packer Joke of the Day

Packers Head-Coach Mike Sherman was talking to his wife about repainting their homes interior. In the first room she said she would like a pale blue. Mike wrote this down and went to the window, opened it, and yelled out "GREEN SIDE UP!"

In the second room she told Mike she would like it painted in a soft yellow. He wrote this on his pad, walked to the window, opened it, and yelled "GREEN SIDE UP!"

Mike's wife was somewhat curious but she said nothing. In the third room she said she would like it painted a warm rose color. Mike wrote this down, walked to the window, opened it and yelled "GREEN SIDE UP!"

Mike's wife then asked him, "Why do you keep yelling 'green side up'?"

"I'm sorry," came the reply. "But I have some of the players laying sod across the street.

And since it is Friday two, count 'em, two new polls....

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