January 26, 2005
Red Jacks Asking Price/The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly of 89.3 (Take the Poll!)


Close, personal friend 78-year old Red McCombs probably doesn't believe in the "you can't take it with you when you die" adage. McCombs was born in the West Texas town of Spur in 1927, the mischievous oldest child of four siblings. He began working at age nine, selling peanuts to migrant workers. He was determined to make money. And he has never stopped.

Well, Red isn't selling peanuts any longer. He is trying to sell the beloved Minnesota Vikings. Reports during the 2004-05 season had the asking price hovering around $600 million. And that was too much for anyone to even nibble on Red's fishing pole. So, you would think that the price would drop a bit, right? I mean, if the hosue you are trying to sell has been sitting on the market for over a year you drop the asking price. Not Red.

McCombs has jacked up his asking price for the Minnesota Vikings to $650 million or more, a team source said Tuesday.

What can one say? I've got nothing. So this thread will end abruptly.

Deion, Shut-Up!

One player is paying particularly close attention to the trade rumors involving Randy Moss and the Baltimore Ravens.

Ravens cornerback Deion Sanders seemed to suggest to NFL on FOX's James Brown that he'd be more excited about returning to the Ravens if they landed our #84.

"First of all, that would really encourage me to play, first and foremost," Sanders told Brown while appearing on his Sporting News radio show.

Sanders went on to suggest that he and Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis would be able to provide a little guidance for the occasionally wayward Moss, who has been dogged by controversy throughout his career.

"I think we can help him, not only on the field but off the field and let him see the big picture," Sanders said.

"Because football is just a blink of an eye, then you've got to deal with your life in your mid-30s or the early-30s, and we want to prepare him for that. Because football, it's over so quick, and we don't want him to burn so many bridges and destroy relationships that you're left alone when you retire. But I think we could really help him."

Deion Sanders and Ray Lewis are going to give advice to Moss on how to run his life? How about, ruin his life?

Moss is intelligent enough to see through these two clowns. And knowing Moss, the conversation might go a little like this....

Sanders: "Randy, would you come to the Ravens?''
Moss: "Anybody but Green Bay or the Ravens, homey."

Lewis: "But Randy, we need can tell you how to run your life."
Moss: "You're a murderer, the hell with you.''

Sanders: "What about me?. I'm hip, I'm cool, I know the inside dope.''
Moss: "Nope. You're part of the problem, homey.''

From The Sidelines

I've now had a chance to listen to the new 89.3 FM (The Current) station over the last three days. My mind is not yet made up whether I love it (yes!), am luke-warm to it (yes!), or just plain loathe it (yes!). I'll explain in a bit.

For those not in the Twin Cities, The Current is a public radio station under Minnesota Public Radio. Its goal is capturing new music that defines our era - and its musical roots and influences. 89.3 will be streamed live via the Internet, so listeners anywhere in the world can hear the broadcasts, as they happen.

As I said, my feelings have really run the gamut. Let me explain:

The Good: During my drive to work early Tuesday, I heard a song from a group called Two Time Polka. Apparently it is a group that originated in Ireland but plays Cajun music. It was very captivating and I have already ordered the CD. I will be listening to this CD as I sit outside under the garden pergola with my family this coming summer. And I would have never heard of them had it not been for The Current.

The Bad: Also on Tuesday, I was suddenly swept back to 1988 when Siouxsie & The Banshees' Peek-A-Boo roared from my speakers. I loved that song as it was on the tail end of the New Wave music that defined my twenties. The group was one of the Punk/New Wave movement's most revered iconic bands. So, why do I have this under the "bad" category? Because they followed it with a tune from Pinetop Perkins!

Now, many of you probably have never heard of Pinetop Perkins. Perkins is most well known as a member of the great Muddy Waters Band, and has also been inducted into the Blue's Foundation's Blues Hall Of Fame in Memphis. He is something of a legendary status in the blues world. And as I've let you know as of late, I love the blues.

So, here we had two great artists that rank high in my personal music library. Two artists which I would never hesitate to play. I just would never choose to play one after the other. Maybe I'm being picky, but I don't mix foods on my plate and I don't mix genres' when playing my music.

The Ugly: On Monday morning I heard a great Willie Nelson tune from his Stardust album. One of my favorites, indeed. That was followed by Bjork. Bjork is the kind of singer that my grandfather would have said, "Sounds like two cats fighting in a bag". Bjork fans, of course, would say that her music is odd, and ground breaking. I simply say, you don't follow a classic Willie tune with Bjork. Especially when people are driving.

So, the verdict is still out on The Current. But I do think they have a shot. It's early yet and they'll most certainly be playing around with the format. I suggest specialty shows. This is what BBC Wales Radio does and my wife and I often tune in to hear our favorite segments from BBC Wales each day. And I suppose this is what MPR is aspiring to.

Good luck to them. I'll be listening for these changes.

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