March 6, 2005
That Weekend Went Fast


I really didn't have much time this past weekend to come up with much of an entry for Monday. First on Saturday, we continued the fine tradition of buying new appliances before the previous ones wear out much earlier than expected. So off we went to Eden Prairie Appliance to select a new dishwasher and a new water softener.

For the dishwasher we chose a Bosch. Very cool as all the controls are inside so the front has a clean look to it.

For the water softener, we went with a new system from the Water Doctors. Hey, as a pharmacist who deals with doctors all day long I might as well have PhD's in water take care of our hard water problem. Right?

On Sunday was The Boy's® very first Irish Dance recital. He is about to reach his fifth birthday and has been practicing Irish Dance for about a year now. One, it has helped him get over his shyness. Two, have you ever meet an ugly Irish lass? The Old Man is always thinking long term!

This was a recital held before an estimated 400 people at the O'Shaughnessy Auditorium on the campus of Saint Catherine's in St. Paul. I was really worried. Here was a previously shy boy that as going to be performing before all these people. Would he even hit the stage?

Not only did The Boy® perform. He really seemed to enjoy himself. I swelled up with pride when I saw him enter from Stage Right. I was so proud of him.

The Boy® said he looked for us in the crowd but couldn't see us. I told him he had done fantastic as both myself and The Wife® praised and hugged and kissed him afterwards. The Boy® said he was mad though because he had missed a step. But we thought he was Mikal Barishnokov.

Afterwards, The Boy® stood with the other younger dancers for a group photo. The Boy® is the lone male on the bottom row. The sun was smack dab in his face so he had a hard time looking up. But his future is very bright indeed. This young man who can already read, speaks Spanish, works on the computer, knows the planets and most of the moons in our solar system, yet still finds time to be a kid and toss the football with the Old Man.

If you are a parent, I know you'll forgive my bragging. These kids of today are under so much pressure so early. It's nice to see everyone of them not only survive but excel.

Note: You can read a little more about The Boy® and his puppy at the Dogs of Our Lives.

Links and Tidbits

As I said, I really didn't have much time to pull together a good Vikings entry. I usually try to have two to three entries waiting on deck but that just wasn't the case this past weekend. I did have time to pull together some interesting links for those that haven't read these stories yet.

The Star Tribune looks at prospective Vikings owner Reggie Fowler's upcoming chllanges.

The Vikings are talking to the Redskins about WR Rod Gardner, who drew comparions to former Minnesota great Cris Carter when he was drafted in 2001.

Interesting comment left at the Greet Machine last week: "I've done business with Reggie in Denver, and he was bragging about his NFL career the whole time. Reggie is a complete scum bag as far as I'm concerned. A friend of mine who ownes a construction company that built a building for Reggie had to take him to court to get the bills paid. Good luck Minnesota." Anyone else out there have direct business dealings with Fowler? I'd like to hear about it.

The Vikings reportedly aren't interested in receiver Plaxico Burress, even though Burress' agent, Michael Harrison, has tried his best to drum up an offer.

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