March 20, 2005
Monday, Monday

Sorry, but I don't have enough time to write something substantial this morning. Perhaps later today or Tuesday. So, here are some jottings.....

Mock Drafts

VikesBlues over at KFAN Vikes Rube Chat saw a whole series of mock drafts on the Packer page at are the Vikings picks and the number of mocks that picked them.

#7 Pick
WR-Williams, M - 10
WR-Edwards, B - 4
WR-Williamson, T -1
LB-Merriman, S - 1
HB-Williams, Carnell - 1
LB-Johnson, D - 1
DL-Spears, M - 1
HB-Brown, R - 1
DL-Cody, D -1

#18 pick
LB-Pollack, D - 3
DL-Cody, S - 3
LB-Crowder, C - 2
DL-James, E - 2
WR-Williamson, T - 2
DL-Roth, M - 1
OG-Brown, Elton - 1
CB-Miller, J - 1
S-Shazor, E - 1
WR-White -1
DL-Johnson, T -1
DL-Spears, M -1
LB-Merriman, S - 1

Of course, this is assuming the Vikes keep those picks! Who would you like to see at the #7 and #18?


We invested in a new digital camera this past week. The Canon 20D and it's a real beauty and we can utilize our exisiting array of Canon autofocus lenses. I highly recommend this one. If you have questions, feel free to e-mail. I can't wait to use it outside at mini-camp in late April. Check out the detail on some recent shots I posted of my dogs over on the Dogs of Our Lives blog.

Links and Tidbits

Here's a shocker -- a columnist in San Diego is lobbying for the league to change pass interference to a 15-yard penalty as the local team prepares to face Randy Moss twice a year.

Hmmm. Broncos DE Trevor Pryce is still available via trade.

The Dolphins want the NFL to set up a standard rotation for the Super Bowl site -- since, obviously, Miami would be one of the regular locations.

What do you do when your Cheesehead neighbor leaves town for the weekend. Build Viking snowmen to block his entrance when he returns, of course. Then return and build some more.

Prospective Vikings owner Reggie Fowler needs to sell one of his companies in order to come up with the required 30 percent of the purchase price of the team (which explains why scrutiny of the proposal by owners inexplicably had been back-burnered until May).

If LB Sam Cowart is injured or doesn't make the team in Minnesota, the Jets owe the Vikings a seventh-round pick in 2006. If LB E.J. Henderson has a strong training camp, he'd remain as the starter in the middle, and Sam Cowart would move to the outside.

The Vikings could have cat scratch fever for Ohio State K Mike Nugent in the draft. Remember, you can keep track of league-wide interest in the kicker via the Nuge O-Meter

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